Brown Spa Design with Natural Stone Sauna.

Warm earthy colours, indirect light and a harmonious interplay of natural materials and organic patterns – this is the design formula for this private natural stone sauna. You can experience this dreamlike spa concept in our showroom in Weinfelden.

Used Stones

  • Collection Natural Stone Collection
  • Origin
  • Material Granite
  • Area Indoor, Outdoor
  • Color Brown

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  • Spa Design mit Naturstein Sauna
  • Design Armaturen für die Sauna
  • Natursteinwand
Natursteinwand aus braunem Granit in der Sauna

The Natural Stone Wall in the Sauna.

The sauna natural stone wall in the private spa — that promises a feel-good atmosphere and a perfect room climate. Especially when form and colour interact as harmoniously as in this unique natural stone spa. Here, our Capolavoro granite meets natural solid wood elements and a particularly exclusive, organic wallpaper made from real plant leaves.

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Natürliches Sauna Design mit Dampfbad

Spa Area with Steam Bath
and adjoining Bathroom Area.

The natural stone wall in the spa runs from the steam room to the bathroom area, which are separated from each other by a glass wall. The open spa design gives the room a spacious and inviting feel. The natural stone not only creates a spatial but also a visual connection. The organic pattern of the Capolavoro granite stone perfectly matches the grain of the wood as well as the floral pattern of the natural wallpaper.

Biophiles Interior Design mit Naturtapete in der Sauna

The Biophilic Spa Design.

Nature-based trends in interior design have gained a lot of attention, especially in recent years. The rediscovery of nature is regarded as a contemporary design style, which is increasingly manifested in the term “biophilic design”. Natural stone plays one of the main roles here. Discover the spa design shown here and other biophilic design ideas in natural stone in our showroom in Weinfelden.

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