Natural Stone Living Rooms.

With natural stone, individual living ideas and unique room concepts can be created – from natural stone walls to floors and interior design objects made of stone. Your personal style moves in and creates a very special feeling of living.

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Natural Stone in the Living Room.

Natural stone stairs in the house

Our spectrum is broad, from modern, light surfaces to cool elegant tones to match the furnishings, we have a large selection of natural stones for your dream staircase.

They are the eye-catcher in the entrance area — the stairs. A staircase made of granite or marble can be planned with your desired dimensions so it’s optimally formed for the room. These can be designed in a wide variety of structures, surfaces and colors.

Natural stone floors made of marble, onyx and granite

Whether custom-made or as a standard size, modern architecture as well as classic residential objects are suitable for the design with natural stone. Benefit from the durability and quality of a natural stone floor.

Natural stone floors are characterized by quality and durability and create a special flair. Our marble, onyx or granite floors can create a style of flowing transitions in living areas. They are also suitable for underfloor heating and are an ideal heat store.

Natural stone walls in the living room

The areas of application include, for example, room dividers and accent walls or stage the fireplace with unique stone shapes.

Staging a wall as a piece of art — whether it is an old villa or a luxurious new building, natural stone walls become real eye-catchers in your living area. The right selection of stones can create an elegant or rustic and cozy flair.

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