Natural Stone
Outdoor Areas.

Versatile, robust and timelessly beautiful — experience natural stone facades, natural stone terraces and many other stone objects in the outdoor area. Our stones can be used from the garage to the pool.

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Outdoor Areas from Natural Stone.

Facade in natural stone

Modern architecture and timeless design can be combined through facades in natural stone. A large number of surfaces and color variations of the natural stones enables various design possibilities for the house facades.

Facades in natural stone are not only characterized by their fascinating appearance, but above all by their durability. The excellent cold and heat protection, as well as the weather resistance, keep a natural stone facade fresh and modern-looking even after many years.

Pools and terraces

Natural stone is characterized by its closeness to nature in its purest form. In the field of terrace construction, outdoor facilities, paving work and flooring, it offers a multifaceted spectrum of possibilities.

The characterful aura of a natural stone not only enlivens the terrace or sidewalk area, but is also perfect for the design of outdoor stairs, walls and the pool area. Natural stone is stylistically suitable for both classic and modern architecture.

Natural stone garage

Spacious garages can also be equipped with imposing natural stone inside. This gives an otherwise purely functional place an aesthetic note.

The design with natural stone in the outdoor area offers numerous possibilities for car and architecture lovers. The garage and the garage entrance in natural stone can be stylistically adapted to the house or stand out as an individual design element.

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