Headquarters Gibswil.

Eschmattstrasse 7
8498 Gibswil ZH

We are on company holidays from 24th July 2023 up to and including 4th August 2023. On 7th August 2023 we will be back for you!

Experience the largest natural stone exhibition in Switzerland. Over 900 different types of stone are presented on over 2500 m² of exhibition space — from samples in different surface finishes, over large stone slabs to interior design objects. Discover fascinating room worlds made of natural stone, from the kitchen or bathroom & spa to entire living spaces.

Opening Hours

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4.500 m² of Exhibition Space

Our Lifestyle World exhibition shows a wide variety of room worlds made of natural stone, from the kitchen to bathroom & spa to entire living spaces. Discover the creative possibilities of use of our stones, whether as a surface on walls and floors or as an interior design object. In addition to the interior showcases, the exhibition also includes a collection of all our stones as samples (the stone library), as well as large-format stone slabs (the Stone Gallery) and an exhibition of exclusive gemstone slabs and objects made of mother-of-pearl (the Shellstone Gallery).

Stone Selection

We create a wide variety of natural stone projects for our customers, from kitchen countertops to whole interiors and exteriors. And since every project begins with the selection of the right stones, you can experience our stone range live at our location in Gibswil. Whether as a large stone slab in our exhibitions or as a sample in our stone library. By feeling the unique atmosphere of your stone yourself, you can always make the right choice. Our on-site experts will accompany and advise you.

Professional Advice

At our head office in Gibswil, you will be welcomed by experienced consultants and planners for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas and more. Here we offer you individual advice directly from the professionals, from stone selection to planning your entire construction project.

Outdoor Stone Exhibition (24H)

An extensive exhibition of large stone slabs is located in the 24-hour outdoor area of ​​the Gibswil site. Here you can see a wide variety of stones, from decorative marble to robust granite and fine onyx. Registration is not required, the area is freely accessible.

  • Real Stein AG Hauptsitz in Gibswil
  • Naturstein Hintergrund Beleuchtung
  • Steinplatten Ausstellung

More Impressions.

Steinplatten Ausstellung
Naturstein Ausstellung Gibswil
Real Stein AG Natursteinhandel Stone Gallery
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Leuchtender Naturstein LED
Naturstein Hintergrund Beleuchtung
Marmor Ausstellung
Shellstone Ausstellung
Marmor Ausstellung Zürich
Marmor Bad Design Ausstellung
Naturstein Bad Ausstellung
Salvatori Susstellung-zurich
Bad Design Ausstellung
Marmor Design Bad

We welcome You in our Showroom in Headquarters Gibswil.
Here You will find fascinating interiors, competent advisors and inspiring impressions. We are looking forward to your visit.

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