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Bathrooms of Stone.

Whether a guest bathroom or the in-house spa — with a floor, bathtub or washbasin made of natural stone you can create an individual and unique style in the bathroom. Walls or shower cabins in stone bring a natural atmosphere to every bathroom.

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Bathrooms and Spas from Natural Stone.

Natural stone in the bathroom

Natural stone has the advantage that it is thermally conductive. This makes it ideal in combination with underfloor heating. Natural stone also contributes to a pleasant indoor climate in the bathroom.

Natural stone stands for immortality. Hardly any other material is so diverse in its selection of shapes, structures and surfaces. When planning the bathroom, natural stone requires special seals to ensure that it is water-tolerant. The surface treatment makes the stones slip-proof and gives them their personal finish. Brushed surfaces in natural stone are ideal for bathroom floors.

Private wellness area

Natural stone also sets accents on the whirlpool or indoor pool. At the same time, it has a soothing effect on the skin, so relaxation is guaranteed.

Your own wellness temple, a spa or even a sauna can be created in natural stone. The use of marble or granite paired with wood creates a feel-good place with a unique character. A harmonious mix of natural materials, not only on the floor, but also as a whole wall design or wash basin, allows natural stone to move effectively into your wellness area.

Natural stone washbasin

Curved and rounded shapes, but also straight design elements are possible. The wide range of shapes and colors offers a wide range of design options for natural stone washbasins.

The design with natural stone is not limited to wall and floor designs. Natural stone washbasins are available in individual shapes and sizes, making them an art and design object in the bathroom. The unique natural stones in the shape of the sink are sealed so that they are also suitable for the bathroom area.


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