Experience exclusive design highlights in the Salvatori exhibition in our showroom in Gibswil. Real Stein is the largest Swiss sales partner of the well-known design manufacturer Salvatori.

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Salvatori is one of the few companies in the world that can offer a “total look environment”, including surfaces, bathroom products and home décor made from beautiful natural stone. “We focus on a selective range of stones that create a unique, versatile and consistent color palette for all products that have been designed, manufactured, tested and certified to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.”

Naturstein Schlafzimmer Salvatori
Naturstein Wohnzimmer Salvatori
Naturstein Schlafzimmer Salvatori

For over seventy years Salvatori has been pushing the boundaries of natural stone and is constantly experimenting with different, creative ways of use.

Walls & Floor

“Respect for the environment is an integral part of who we are and what we do, and in fact we were the first company in the world to manufacture an industrial-scale product using stone scraps.”

Green Philosophy

“Working with clients like Giorgio Armani, Bergdorf Goodman, Salvatore Ferregamo, John Pawson, Sir David Adjaye and Bottega Veneta, we pride ourselves on delivering much more than just products.”

Total Look Design

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Naturstein Ausstellung Salvatori

Experience the
Total Look Design for

Salvatori is an award-winning Italian design company for natural stone. Real Stein is the largest representative of Salvatori in Switzerland. Experience a large exhibition on our Salvatori collection in our showroom in Gibswil.

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