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We live diversity. Both with our stones and with our employees. Everyone is an important part of our collective success story, both professionally and personally. Become part of this great team too and apply for one of our vacancies or send us your speculative application.

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Working with stone combines classic craftsmanship with the most modern technologies, sensitivity with strength, rough craftsmanship with a keen eye for details, as well as experience with the desire to continuously progress.

Naturstein Verarbeitung
Naturstein Verarbeitung in der Werkstatt
Maschinelle Naturstein Platte Zuschnitt
Polierte Marmorplatte

When working with stone, you can feel its enormous power. I am always thrilled to be able to shape such a massive raw material.

The craft of stone processing is based on knowledge and experience. You always need a good eye for details.

We work highly technically, with the most modern machines, accurate to the millimeter. This grade of precision is unique.

Stone is made to last. What drives me is to keep the fascination alive by giving it new shapes and develop new ideas again and again.

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