Warm and Calm Bedroom in Natural Tones.

Our Quarzo Bianco gives this bedroom the ideal basis for a quiet retreat with timeless charm. Its natural-colored appearance, creates a cozy look in the sleeping area. The beige and cream-colored furnishings are a perfect match to the natural stone, which creates a relaxing effect.

Used Stones

  • Collection Natural Stone Collection
  • Origin
  • Material Quarz
  • Area Indoor, Outdoor
  • Color White

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  • Naturstein Boden im Schlafzimmer
  • Marmorboden im Schlafzimmer
Marmorboden im Schlafzimmer

An Oasis of Calm
made of Natural Stone in
the Bedroom.

Our Quarzo Bianco creates a natural, optical flow on the floor of the bedroom with its unique, warm color scheme and light pattern, which merges seamlessly with the carpet. This effect gives the entire room a very homely and calming effect.

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