Natural Stone Kitchen with a Brilliant White Shine.

Numerous indirect light sources, in combination with large, white fronts, create a shining effect allover the kitchen. Due to the combination with our warm gray Quarzo Bianco and wood tones on the floor, the bright light appears inviting and comfortable. Through this illumination concept and also the kitchen’s openness, the room optically gains in size.

  • Helle Naturstein Arbeitsplatte Küche
  • Marmor Arbeitsplatte
  • Helle Naturstein
Naturstein Küchenplatte

Smooth surfaces
intensify the pleasant
Play of light.

Bright, reflective surfaces as well as large, white fronts and numerous indirect light sources give this kitchen its luminous effect. The light reflections in the polished stone slab, the glass and metal fronts of the kitchen appliances, as well as the matching, metallic decorative elements intensify this effect.

Naturstein Küche Beleuchtung

Homely elements
as a special highlight
in the kitchen.

The open wall shelf is highlighted by the indirectly installed light strips. Its placement in the center of the kitchen units and its flowing transition into the cupboard elements on both sides make the kitchen, which is already inviting, appear even more homely.

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